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What is Casavisual Project?

Casavisual is a personal project that investigates the thin line between art and design, showing how the two concepts sometimes merge into each other without fixed borders. Casavisual Shop is the place where I can share with the public my personal creations, illustrations, posters, bags and pillows. Casavisual is a small boutique studio, so all the posters are digital printed on high quality paper. All other creations are handcrafted in Sardinia, Italy, with top quality fabrics and materials.

I Hope you like my personal work and you may find your happy place here!


Our services include:

graphic design, branding, marketing strategies, photography, advertising design, visual marketing campaigns, promotional posters and flyers, online marketing, website creation, labelling, product packaging, interior design, communication.

Casavisual Creative Studio is a marketing agency specialized in branding, interactive solutions and visual communication in all its forms. We take care of every single step of the design process and we always work together with our customers to achieve a personal and unique result. We love colours, shapes, geometries and beautiful fonts.

This is our essence and who we are.

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Telephone: +39 3479166642


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